Golden Comet
Golden Comet

One of the things that drew us to the country was the fresh eggs we ate while living in the city!  We had a few backyard chickens and they gave us some eggs.  We really enjoyed watching the chickens range around our backyard and wanted to have more.  Now that we live in the country we have expanded our flock.

Our egg layers are a Production Red cross called a Golden Comet.  We chose these girls because they are prolific layers and will be able to produce eggs for us even when other flocks are not laying as much due to molting.  They are very friendly and range pretty well.



Cornish Cross Chick
Baby Chick

We will be offering fresh chicken grown on our farm.  These are raised here as day old chicks which are shipped directly from the hatchery without any shots or medication.  We raise these chickens on our farm with TLC, NO hormones, NO antibiotics and plenty of fresh air and sunshine!

This year we raised the Cornish Rock Cross.  This is the production chicken that is commonly grown for consumption today.  These chickens grow quickly because of their genetics and have large breasts that make them so desirable for the market.  We use chicken feed purchased locally that is non-medicated so you can be assured that the meat will be clean.

As soon as they are old enough to be brought out of the brooder we get them into the chicken tractors and onto grass.  They get to live out the rest of their life in the sun and breathing fresh air.

Once theses birds reach maturity we process them on farm. We want to make sure their life cycle from birth to your table is under our control. Your always welcome to visit our farm anytime. We want you to know your farmer and understand where you food comes from and the manner that it is raised.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most wholesome chicken you can get.  If you have never had a fresh rotisserie chicken that has been cooked to perfection you have not yet lived!  Our experience has been a very juicy meat with excellent flavor.